The digital International Fair Trade Town Conference 2021

This online conference strives to reinforce the vision of Fair Trade – a world where justice and sustainability are at the heart of trade structures and practices, allowing every person to enjoy a secure livelihood. Within these challenging times – particularly in regard to Build Back Fairer efforts in post Covid-19 time. By bringing together the international actors of the Fair Trade and sustainability movements, we aim to provide a platform for exchange of learnings and good practices to strengthen.


Fair Trade Town is an international campaign that is active in over 30 countries and strives for more justice and sustainability in the international trade and awards communities for their commitment to sustainable and fair consumption patterns. Fair Trade Towns empowers you to explore the positive impact of Fair Trade purchasing.

ONLINE CONFERENCE, November 18–20, 2021

The digital international Fair Trade Town conference 2021 is a great chance to connect producers and consumers. It is organized by Swiss Fair Trade and promises a diverse program around the topic of Fair Trade. Various interesting guest speakers from different sectors and countries will present an input and thus enable a broad view on the topics.

The International Fair Trade Town Conference will be held online the first time this year.


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Increase the impact of Fair Trade and Fair Trade Town: how to create synergies between different sustainability movements

The workflow promotes the understanding of Fair Trade and sustainable movements in relation to consumption and  production. We want to discuss how to strengthen the impact of Fair Trade. The goal is to get a larger number of individuals and organizations committed to Fair Trade and sustainable consumption and production. Consequently, more farmers benefit from improved and broadly supported standards and sales of Fair Trade products rise.

Opportunities of Covid-19

Identify and explore Opportunities arising from Covid-19: Build Back Fairer Together

The pandemic situation brought the world to an accidental stop and much of traditional behaviour was challenged. We want to discuss the opportunities especially in digitalisation but also the risks of the new normal, find out what this means for consumers, volunteers and campaigners and develop concrete measures.

Public Procurement

Promoting Cities as Game Changers for sustainable development

Cities have the potential to be a game changer for sustainability. One of their key drivers is public procurement. The workflow serves to present, discuss, and further develop best practice examples on how cities can support fair and sustainable procurement with a comprehensive range of stakeholders. The goal is for more cities to introduce legislation for sustainable and fair procurement and develop corresponding guidelines and manuals.


Bringing the Needs of Consumers and Producers together: Showcasing Fair Trade Innovation

In this workflow, innovations and new approaches are presented to support producers on their way to sustainability and to foster the understanding of the added value. A better connection of producers and consumers will increase the willingness to pay a fair and decent price without sacrificing the natural resources.

Youth Engagement

How to engage and inspire young people for Fair Trade

Youth plays an integral role in bringing forward change and ensuring sustainability. The engagement of young people presents new perspectives and forms of communication. Within this workflow youth engagement for Fair Trade will be presented and discussed how we can communicate and strengthen their engagement successfully.