Workflow Youth Engagement

How to engage and inspire young people for fair trade

Youth plays an integral role in bringing forward change and ensuring sustainability. The engagement of young people presents new perspectives and forms of communication. Within this workflow youth engagement for Fair Trade will be presented and discussed how we can communicate and strengthen their engagement successfully.

Within this workflow, we are going to touch upon the various campaigns that focus on Youth. In order to showcase the broad variety of campaigns, the first part will have keynote speakers present their campaigns. The presented campaigns are implemented by the Fairtrade Foundation UK, Fairtrade Germany, the FTAO, Fairtrade Czech Republic and Slovakia and will also be showcase Fair Trade Universities in the United States of America.

After the keynote presentations the presenters will engage in a discussion where the audience is invited to join. Within the discussion we will identify challenges, best practices and talk about how we can reach and engage youth best.

The workflow will come to an end with a summary of what has been discussed.