Workflow Public Procurement


Cities have the potential to be a game changer for sustainability. One key driver is public procurement. The workflow serves to present, discuss, and further develop best practice examples on how cities can support fair and sustainable procurement with a comprehensive range of stakeholders. The goal is for more cities to introduce legislation for sustainable and fair procurement and develop corresponding guidelines and manuals.

Public procurement has great leverage to bring more sustainability to communities. Fair Trade and the Fair Trade Town campaign can offer support in the implementation. In the first session of this workflow keynotes will be given by representatives of municipalities, who are implementing public procurement as driver for sustainability (cities in Finland, Switzerland and Italy). In addition, an ICLEI officer will present their work and highlight the necessity of fair standards in public procurement. The goal is to present how public procurement can serve as tool for a transformation.

In the following discussion the panellists will talk about challenges and best ways on how to implement public procurement in a strategic way. This strategic way focuses on having a dialogue about sustainability and not only on consumption.

Later on, attendees and panellists can join the discussion to talk about chances and challenges they face in their municipality concerning public procurement.